About Us

Promoting the Arts in Madison County since 1978

Our Mission: Strengthening Community Through The Arts.

Time-honored, traditional, or contemporary, the MCAC strives to bring a constantly expanding array of exciting arts activities to Madison County.

We also host the Marshall Welcome Center at our facilities. Watch a short video about the Welcome Center HERE

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Our History

The Madison County Arts Council was formed in 1978. A county of approximately 450 square miles, with a population of 19,000; sparsely settled and encompassing many areas of National Forest and rough terrain, Madison County is an area of unsurpassed natural beauty. The residents of Madison County reflect the rich and varied terrain of our county – there are families who have been in our mountains for generations, there are families who settled here and are now raising their own families and there are new folks who are constantly choosing to call Madison County home – all of these people are reflected in our artists. The variety of artists who choose to make Madison County their home ranges from the traditional to cutting edge. MCAC works to serve all residents and artists.

Madison County has a long history in contemporary and traditional arts and crafts. The current Board of Directors believes that sustainable and active Arts Council needs community involvement and support – individuals who are willing to support its efforts with their time and expertise. We invite you to support the Madison County Arts Council to make our shared history a living reality for further generations of Madison County residents. The MCAC gained nonprofit 501(c)(3) status in 1995, allowing us to become exponentially more active and diverse in our fundraising and programming activities.

Current Staff and Board Members:

The office staff is made up of Laura Boosinger, Executive Director; Erich Hubner, Program Director; and David Hughes, Facilities Director. The current MCAC Board of Directors is: David McClurkin, President; Cynthia Cutting, Secretary;  Dr. Jeffrey Shields, Treasurer; Larry Burda, Deb Burns, Kerstin Davis, Michael Ebbs, Angela Finney, Andy Gordon PhD,  Katherine Graham, Tim Malone, Dr. Ellen Holmes Pearson, Jaime Perkins, Sarah Pike, Charles S. Rice, Benjamin Smith, June Trevor, and Stephan Wilcox.

The Arts Council is a Community Organization!

You can support the Arts Council in a myriad of ways – some individuals donate artistic talent, others volunteer time and energy to committees, events, and the board, and others contribute financially – all are equally important to the health of our organization and all are welcome. Please go to the Supporter – Join us! section of this website for further information.

The MCAC holds an annual meeting/celebration that is a social mixer and open to the public, and we shall publicize our next one as soon as we know the date! It’s been hard to have them the past few years with all the stuff happening. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us. 

The Arts Council has a new Long Range Strategic Plan…

To view a summary of this document, click HERE.

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