NCAC Artist Support Grants

Artist Support Grants From NCAC

This program, funded by the N.C. Arts Council, provides the opportunity for regional consortia of local arts councils to award project grants to artists in their regions. These grants support professional artists in any discipline and at any stage in their careers to pursue projects that further their artistic and professional development. Types of fundable projects include:

Creation of new work
Purchase of equipment and materials
Professional development workshops
Travel support for expenses associated with a professional opportunity such as participating in an exhibition or a conference
Development or upgrading of promotional materials such as brochures, DVDs, CDs, and websites
Artist fees are also allowable expenses under the new program. Grant amounts vary from region to region. Statewide, they range from $300 to $5,000, though most grants are between $500 and $2,000. Projects must be completed by December 31, 2022. A list of participating counties, deadlines for each region, and a primary contact for each consortium appears below. Regions are listed from west to east.

Applications will be open in the summer. Please check back on this page for updates and deadlines after June 2021.


 These grants support artists in all disciplines with funding for projects that will have a significant impact on the advancement of their professional artistic
careers. The Artist Support Grant program is managed through a partnership with Toe River Arts and Madison County Arts Council to serve artists in Avery, Madison, Mitchell and Yancey counties. Funding is provided by the North Carolina Arts Council.



  • Individuals and Artist Collectives — Both individual artists and small, unincorporated groups of collaborating artists are eligible to apply.

  • Residency — Artists should have lived continuously in the region where they are applying for at least one year before application deadline. Toe River Arts may require proof of residence and status. Artists who live in more than one region should apply only where they spend most of the year. All members of a collaborating team must be North Carolina residents, live in the region in which they are applying, and meet the other eligibility requirements. Documenting residence for all team members should be included with the application.

  • An applicant must be at least 18 years old and either a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident alien.

  • Conflict of Interest — Current board and staff members of Toe River Arts or Madison County Arts Councils organizations and their family members are not eligible to apply for the award.

  • Student Status — The Artist Support Grant is intended for adult, nonstudent artists. Artists enrolled full-time in undergraduate or associate degree-granting programs may not apply for the grant. Artists in certificate programs are generally eligible. Artists pursuing graduate degrees in subjects other than their art form may be eligible if they meet the other eligibility criteria. Other questions and special circumstances should be discussed with N.C. Arts Council staff.


Eligible Projects and Costs

  • Up to 50 percent of the grant amount may be used for artist fees.

  • Completion/Presentation of a New Work — Cost of resources necessary to complete or present a significant new work (e.g., purchasing art supplies or equipment (digital may qualify) or space rental)

  • Career Promotion — Projects aimed at advertising artists’ work and/or demonstrating their skill level (e.g., websites, portfolios, audio-visual documentation, and online presentation)

  • Training — Costs to attend a class or workshop (in-person or virtual) aimed at either enhancing the artist’s skill level or professional development (e.g., a master class or workshop taught by acknowledged authorities in the applicant artist’s medium)

  • Travel — Costs of transportation, lodging, and food for training, professional conferences, or research as allowed or possible while adhering to social distancing guidelines


Ineligible Projects and Costs

  • Scholarships for undergraduate- or graduate-level education

  • Projects that support or oppose a particular candidate for public office

  • Projects that are exclusive to members of a particular religious faith group

  • Projects that do not have a direct effect on the applicant’s growth as an artist (e.g., the promotion of another artists’ work)





  • Overall excellence of the applicant’s artwork as demonstrated by work samples

  • Feasibility of the proposed project

  • Contribution of the proposed project to the advancement of the applicant’s professional artistic development and practice


Review Process

All completed Artist Support Grant applications will be judged by a multicounty panel of established artists, arts professionals, and arts educators and administrators who will review and evaluate the applications and allocate funds for selected projects.



Application Checklist for Application:

  • Applicant Profile

  • Narrative – Describe your project and the proposed use of funds.

  • Project Budget – Provide your project expenses, describing what will be paid for using your grant award, and what will be paid for with supplemental funding.

  • Artist Statement – Attach an artist statement that describes your work and the key ideas, goals, or cultural practices that drive you to create (one typed page).

  • Artist Résumé – Attach an artist résumé that includes education, employment, public presentations of your work, publications, commissions, honors, grant/fellowship awards, and relevant experience (four pages maximum).

  • Budget Support – Provide support information for your budget, i.e. cost of materials, price quote on services, etc.

  • Support Materials – You may submit digital copies of reviews, programs, catalogs, and other support materials relevant to the project. (Physical materials may be submitted if digital is not an option.)

  • Letters of Recommendation (optional)

  • Work Samples and Inventory List


More Information and Assistance

For more information, please contact Toe River Arts or Madison County Arts Council.

Toe River Arts:
Melanie or 828.765.0524

Madison County Arts Council:
Erich Hubner: or 828.649.1301