John McCutcheon Virtual Concert

John McCutcheon Virtual Concert

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Photos Credit : Irene Young

John McCutcheon / Roots & Wings: How Traditional Music Is the Foundation of All My Music

The MCAC is trying something new with this virtual concert! Proceeds from this livestream will be shared between the artist and the participating venues. It is being presented through a platform called Mandolin. There are links below for tickets and to find out more about the Mandolin streaming experience. This should be cool!

About the show planned by John McCutcheon:

“I came South in 1972 to find old time banjo players. And I met loads of ’em: Roscoe Holcomb, Lee Boy Sexton, Obray Ramsey, Ola Belle Reed, Will Keys, Scott Boatright, ID Stamper, and plenty more. Through them I met fiddlers, singers, storytellers, writers, and a host of characters that lived through amazing times and events. All that together informed how I think about music and its relation to community life. It not only taught me a truckload of instruments and songs, it taught me how to tell a story, how to write a song, how to make music mean something.

In this concert, I’ll do a blend of traditional songs and my own, especially those I’ve written in recognizable traditional forms. I’ll give a shoutout to those groups who continue to celebrate, teach, and honor traditional music and those that are shepherding it into our own lives and times. (Happy 50th Birthday, Golden Link!) We’ll have a bit of a campfire Q&A after the music, just like we do in person. And, who knows?, maybe we might even have a special guest or two!”

Be sure to check the different pricing levels on the website for tickets.

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